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Accountant looking to add more value to your clients?

Talkingheads can work with you to claim £000’s in tax relief.

We Guarantee to Improve Your Bottom Line

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Driving Profits Through Change

The Talkingheads Partnership are impartial advisors with a track record and reputation for improving and transforming organisations.


Our unique value add – we won’t engage with you unless we can guarantee to improve your bottom line.


Our reputation as one of the UK’s leading R&D Tax Credit Claim specialists, with a 95% plus success rate, allows us to implement a unique ‘cost neutral’ approach, were we will deliver improved profit and expenditure efficiencies, optimised sales & marketing performance & greater cultural harmony.


When appointed, we begin by carrying out a strategic review of your existing business practices, before providing a detailed action plan for guaranteed results.

A Unique Differentiator

We won’t engage with you unless we can guarantee to improve your bottom line


Established over 11 years ago, the Talkingheads Partnership,is a unique long-term collaboration between Kylesmuir Associates Ltd and Time2Adapt Ltd, a group of like-minded businesses with more experiences and scars than we’d care to admit to.

Our track record of improving and assisting businesses to maximise profit through change is exemplary; securing over £4m plus of Scottish Enterprise investment for our clients as well as over £3m plus of Research & Development tax credits from the Treasury.

Through a combination of skills and experience, the partnership brings together expertise in areas such as commercially aware accountancy, interim/non executive directorships, business transition skills and fund raising options

All with the aim of continuously driving performance optimisation, effective management and efficient financial control. 

Our differentiator is in:

  • Funding projects through R&D Tax Credit Claims and other funding routes
  • Controlling cost to improve margin and eradicating unnecessary expenditure
  • Reviewing sales & marketing effectiveness and performance

  • Analysing current performances and identifying instant and substantial savings & funding options
  • Changing mind-sets to bring about greater internal harmony

Our Clients

Over the past 11 years Talkingheads Partnership have worked with more than 300 UK based SME’s of all different sizes, in all different sectors. In every single case we have been able to increase their efficiency and profitability.


As you might expect not every company that we have assisted is willing to publicly declare that they utilised external help. Anonymity is their prerogative. Below you can read testimonials from some of the organisations where Talkinghead’s expertise has made a positively disruptive.


    “Excellent job – Talkingheads delivered above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommend them for your R&D needs.”


    “A number of companies had approached me on R&D tax credits, however, Talkingheads made the process reassuringly straightforward and minimised my involvement. Couldn’t have been simpler …”


    “I was aware of R&D Tax Credits but it looked complicated. The Talkingheads Partnership made it simple by handling the process from start to finish.”


The Art of Positive Disruption

In order to thrive, all businesses need to work efficiently. Controlling cost is essential to improve profit margins and there are always areas in every organisation where unnecessary expenditure can be eradicated.


Talkingheads offer pragmatic and professional advice in a variety of sectors. We analyse current performances and identify instant and substantial savings as well as areas where a change of mindset will bring about greater internal harmony. Our independence means we instigate this positive disruption, objectively and without allegiances.


Our can-do attitude also extends to bringing money into businesses. In the past seven years we have helped secure over £4m of Scottish Enterprise investment for our clients as well as over £3m worth of Research & Development tax credits from The Treasury. This money is available right now to help you expand and develop your business.


The Talkingheads Partnership has the experience and proven track record to secure it.




  • Bring experienced eyes into a business and take a ‘helicopter’ view

  • Offer a large network of contacts should additional support be required

  • Open up opportunities for growth and a achieve ‘hard goals’


  • Mentor existing management and existing teams

  • Create an internal ‘respect culture’

  • Help to manage problem employees

  • Add value by generating money and improving profitability

How We Do It

Every organisation is different and no simple formula fits all circumstances. We have developed several bespoke methods that with the investment of time and maintenance, can achieve the goals that will sustain your business today, before bringing about the transformation that will ensure it is more profitable tomorrow.


We always begin by spending a day or two on site to gain a rigorous understanding of your work practices. With this diligence complete, we then produce a full report on the goals you want to focus on, as well as other issues we feel will benefit the long term future of your business.


Our Business Review Focuses on: 


  • An analysis of the workflow processes within your company

  • A systems appraisal covering both business & IT

  • An evaluation of the profitability of your business


  • An analysis of how efficiently your business performs

  • Which improvements will make a substantive difference to your bottom line


Once we have jointly agreed your ‘hard goals’, we develop an action plan to deliver the positive outcome you are looking for. In some cases this might be just be sorting out a specific problem area within the business. In other cases, it might mean a complete re-engineering of the entire organisation. It really depends what we both find under the bonnet.

R&D Tax Credits Explained


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A Missed Opportunity!

Could your company do with a cashflow injection? Most SMEs are potentially eligible, whether profit or loss making. Claims can be retrospectively claimed back two years!



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What is R&D Tax Relief?

Research & Development (R&D) tax relief is a government incentive set up to compensate companies that are developing new and/or improving, existing products, processes, systems and materials.




Do I Qualify?

Are you a limited company that has been trading for more than 12 months? Do you have a headcount of less than 500? Do you have a turnover of under €100m or a balance sheet total under €86m? Have you been developing or improving your business’s products, processes or systems?



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What could it be worth?

The average SME claim value in 2018 was approximately £61.5k. It could help to reduce a corporation tax liability or can be claimed as a cash sum paid back to your company by HMRC. An R&D claim can be up to 230% of qualifying R&D expenditure!




What Qualifies?

R&D expenditure typically includes direct staff costs, software bills and any subcontracted work and materials.






Working in Partnership with accountants


Many accountants are already building their relationships with the Talkingheads Partnership and are referring them to their clients for R&D Tax Credit Claims, mainly as they don’t have the time or in-house specialist knowledge needed to maximise this HMRC R&D Tax Credits initiative. This is were you can bring immediate value add.


With an average Research and Development Tax Credits claim in 2017/18 being worth approx. £61,500, too many businesses are losing out as they don’t know about it. By partnering with the Talkingheads Partnership we can provide a welcome injection of cashflow to their business.


Since 2008 and with over 300 plus successful claims made to date, partnering with the Talkingheads Partnership and accessing our expertise on R&D Tax Credits claims, will mean we can assist you in bringing real value add to your clients.


By working in partnership with you and your clients, we can:


  • Understand what your client’s potential claim could be

  • Identify their project and cost associated

  • Build your clients’ claim using our bespoke templates for you to present to HMRC.


  • Support your clients until their claims are approved.

  • Provide ongoing support, advice on future claims


Our methodology is unobtrusive:


  • You own the relationship, we’re an integral part of your team

  • We’re flexible in how we work together. It’s your client – each client is different

  • We gain a full understanding of you and your clients’ businesses

  • We maximise the client’s claim by applying our experiences of HMRC requirements


…and even more importantly:


Once the client’s claim has been paid to them and on receipt of our success fee. we’ll pay you a referral fee.


It’s not all about “people wearing white coats in labs”…



Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a valuable government tax relief that rewards not only large UK companies but SMEs for investing in innovation and can be claimed as a tax credit at the equivalent of up to 33p for every £1 of qualifying expenditure


You don’t have to be developing new products, processes or services; if you’re enhancing existing ones, then the chances are you’ll be eligible for a cash payment and/or Corporation Tax reduction.


Are you eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits?

R&D relief is eligible on any project that qualifies as part of a specific project that makes an advance in science or technology. It can even be claimed on unsuccessful projects.

What is eligible for expenditure?

R&D costs can include: Staff costs, External workers, Sub-contractors, Software & Consumables

Can you work with my accountant?

Yes – we have worked with many Accountants over the years.

Can I claim for R&D even though I’m loss making?

Loss making companies can claim R&D tax credits, cash back from HMRC.


· A loss making SME can secure a benefit between 14.5% and 33% of its R&D expenditure.

· A loss making Large company or subsidised project can secure a benefit of 9.7% of its R&D expenditure.


· Loss making SME companies also have the option of not surrendering the R&D loss but instead carrying the loss forward/backwards against profits.

My accountant said I’m not eligible for R&D Tax Credits

That may well be the case. However, as R&D Tax Specialists, we can often find genuine eligibility where a non-specialist (most Accountants) cannot. Using sub-contractors


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